Great Camping Tips

For those new to camping, it may seem strange to go out into the woods and eat, sleep and live your life without the creature comforts of home.  However, even though you are out there with the creatures you can still have fun and be safe.  The first thing is to find a camping gear near me store to stock up on equipment for your trip.  This gear will allow you to have fun and do what you need to be safe from the wild.

Before you go out camping and getting your gear, consider visiting a store like Beaver Sports.  Here you will be given an entire store filled with all the possible options for you trip.  The first tip however is not to go crazy, you don’t need everything in the store just some very basic items.

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Research your campsite

You want to research your campsite, campground or location where you will be spending your time.  You want to locate any major roads, hospitals and stores in that area.  You will want to learn if there are any hunters, wild animals or other conditions that you should be aware of.

Hang your food

If you are going camping you want to hang your food.  Wild animals in your area may wonder into your camp while you are enjoying your planned activities and take your food.  The last thing you want to experience is a campsite filled with empty food bags.  Trust me, I know.

Build a fire pit

If you are going to start a fire you want to properly build a fire pit.  You will also want to have a portable fire extinguisher with you in case something goes wrong.  This is going to be another piece of equipment you can get from the sporting goods store.

Plan your activities

You want to have a series of activities planned before you head out on your adventure.  Many people will go for the peace and quiet, but that can get really boring for the kids.  So, make sure that you plan your activities well and have enough to go around for your entire vacation.